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High Quality GRP Fibreglass Roofing

Unfortunately, if a flat roof is not installed properly, it can lead to problems like leaks and water ingress, as well as problems caused by poor quality materials. Our GRP fibreglass roofs are professionally installed by our team of experts using high-performance materials that won’t crack, tear or cause leaks.

As flat roof specialists, we have access to the highest grade GRP fibreglass systems manufactured by industry-renowned and trusted suppliers. We have many years of experience in flat roof solutions for garages, extensions, porches, balconies and commercial roofs.

GRP stands for “Glass Reinforced Plastic” and this waterproof roofing has many applications commonly used for flat roofs. Our GRP fibreglass roofing systems consist of a fibreglass resin mat and topcoat coating to form a strong, lightweight laminate ideal for roofing applications. It is one of the strongest types of flat roofs available due to its seamless finish and fully bonded construction, meaning there are no gaps for water or moisture to penetrate.

Do You Have An Emergency?
We Can Help  Protect Your Home From Damaging Leaks, Contact us.

Do You Have An Emergency?
We Can Help Protect Your Home From Damaging Leaks, Contact us.

Benefits of GRP Fibreglass Roofs

Whether installing new roofing or looking for a quality roof replacement, there are multiple benefits provided by GRP fibreglass.

  • Durable, weather-resistant & watertight
  • No joints or seams for a smooth finish
  • Versatility – suitable for a number of different roof types
  • Flexibility to match any roof shape
  • No rips, rot, moss growth or moisture penetration
  • Higher strengths for balconies and underfoot areas
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Choice of aesthetics to create bespoke looks